Saturday, October 24, 2009


half of the world has been silent for at least six months
because they have a broken heart and the other
half has thier faces planted into piles of leaves and dirt
happy to be free once more as they ejaculate into
streams and run cold water over thier naked bodies

it is untrue that anybody can do anything to keep the people
that complicate thier lives really far, closer to "there" and farther from "here"
i was lying in bed thinking of what i should do
the price to pay is to high
to park a pair of boots under a bed,
it is more untrue that anybody can occupy a white empty space without edges
without limits without elegance , it brings itself into the equation
but why
bring bring in and hoard things that do not belong in the equation
the skin tints itself warm and cold
receeding and expanding as tennis balls bounce and hit

that tighten

and another day falls and ties are still being knotted and belts hang heavy on a door knob

"i hope you having a good time"
"i hope your having a lot of fun"
"have fun when you do this and when you do that"

these lines reside next to the pile of bills and reciepts stacked up
and tumbling over , planting seeds that mark time and existence
so sad so sad so sad , dogs cry all the time because they cant
handle the collection of mornings but they get over it because they have good
lives and they can urinate on everything
a prosthetic arm pulls the strings that control the universe
there is the un escapable road
that reveals itself when you walk home
the long walk where you dont know anyone
silence adds pounds of volume to the words in your mind
that place you run into
a mosaic jesus clunk clunky inside a pile of snow
flowers that hit a golden buddha in a hotel lobby
point to the heavens and i
think of planes floating above cielings and letters written but never sent
a never ending stock of feelings


im going pack them onto a bicycle and throw it off a corner
then im going to take long walks alone ,in the rain
in the cold , when every body is inside watching


im going to press my cheeks and nose into it
this painting is a mess
just like you


you would be more successful if you poured a bowl of soup over your head
rolled an eyeballround and round with your tongue
and chased a reflection of crossing lights on the floor
closer to being farther away
and I would be more successful
if I squirted syrup into my eyes
you is I
I is you
but we are not the same
before the blessing of the land

we do not have the same rights
can I have a cup of coffee
?? No .
Wait a minute do you not have any coffe?
YES we have a fresh pot.
NO he said.
she said: " but i have the money , i dont see what the problem is"
and he said
"thats why your not being served"
he said
" you have to figure it out"
she thought
i hate this
he thought
i know what you should do
start by walking over there
and pull that broken umbrella out of the rose bush,please.

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