Sunday, November 8, 2009

spend your time with a worm / /unkind

roses are red
moses is blue
moses and roses go together
inside a stew of
broken things
broken bodies
tattered and torn up
after the the event of self

bake that cake bake that cake

we dont need to go to the pool if you want to get wet, girrrrrrrrrl!
chomp chomp chomp
gurgle gurgle
wurrgle that gurrgle
fuck it like your fucking a turkey
happy holidays kids!
happy happy
happy happy
happy happy
oh its so nice to be happy on a holiday!!
and sleep in the sun

lets all have a big sleep over and take naps
its a dream
to eat some pizza and watch soap operas will you getting laid
and cheese cake
and when
this happens roads cut off into skies and you fly into
inside a car with your friends
everything is still
but the
humming noise
the car is making
when it expands
and contracts
like a thin wire
and not sleeping for three days
then you get your picture taken and you
look like a drug addict
and you scream out wait a minute !!!!im not a drug addict!
im just an alcoholic ....
and when this happens a basketball will...
slap everyone in the face
and our faces will deflate
and a stream of dark thick burgundy blood will
slowly run down
because we are not human
and word on the street is we dont know
how to love
buhu! buhu and tada !

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